What If?

Melbourne had more people but less buildings?

We’re not full. We can live closer, better and smarter. More people doesn’t mean more  floors, if we’re clever.

Right now Melbourne is one of the world’s largest cities with one of the lowest population densities. Cities cause over 70% of carbon emissions; the bigger the more emissions.

We can adjust our city to make it work harder for us, and be more fun. 
What if we demand a tighter Melbourne?


Underpass, South Melbourne 37°49'45.8"S 144°57'21.9"E


The inhabitants of the Supertight City crave being close together, they value small things, and detest the bloated wide streets and sparse spaces of the old city.

Together they aim to somehow have no footprint. Those in the Supertight city prefer to share and to sit out in public; being not so concerned with privacy but having manners suited to their intimate spaces.

Sometimes they dream of Tokyo or Hong Kong or Saigon, when they are overcome with fear of boredom or loneliness. These dwellers know that new devices and machines will soon make most city space useless, and they are setting plans. They prefer no plans for their city, yet think about rules – maximum sizes for everything, without minimums; just in case.