What If?

Our culture and our climate defined the great Australian Dream?

What if the great Australian dream more accurately reflected living in contemporary Australia?

Our suburban dreams are outdated and will fail to meet the demands of climate change and an increasingly diverse culture. There is broad social media support for radical change to the way we build, but our collective aspirations, evidenced in volume housing, still sit squarely in exclusive fenced-in ownership.

To effect real change we need to redirect the neural pathways of this dream. Ownership as the desirable mode of occupation, needs to be challenged.


St Georges Road, Preston
37°44'32.5"S 144°59'59.6"E



An RMIT Archietcture Masters design studio will be run this semester that looks at Dirty Algorithms to agitate a more afforable, culturall and climactically approriate, occupation of the quarter acre block.

For more information please visit the instagram page
#workingdirtypreston .