The Counterfactual City project presents a series of alternative visions for the future city that are predicated on a counterfactual notion, a singular ‘what if?’ scenario, that presents a radical alternative to the existing status quo of urban development. These propositions are not based on scenarios that are known, but ones that should, could or would have been. The Counterfactual City project seeks to operate outside of the stereotypical modes of urban planning policies and the representation of architecture. Exploring these scenarios challenges notions of how civic engagement shapes the built environment and demonstrates the importance of design-led approaches to city-making.

Please join us for a free symposium on March 30, discussing how design might play a role in shaping the future of our cities. 

This will be presented through an exhibition of propositional posters, and a moderated symposium presented by architects and designers within RMIT School of Architecture and Urban Design’s Cities Cluster, hosted by The Capitol, RMIT. Part of the NGV Melbourne Design Week 2021 program of events.

For more information and updates visit @CounterfactualCity on Instagram ︎